Does voodoo have the power to sell music?

Read the article written by Odega Shawa below…I remember back in early 2004 at a studio in Surulere while Tuface was recording African Queen something I considered weird happened. One of the female singers assisting with work on projects then at the studio cut some singles on CD and told me she was going to a ‘Cele church’ to get them to burn candles and smash eggs to bless the CD for her so the songs would ‘blow’. She vowed that the white garment church could change the fortunes of the songs. I remember I was starting out on my consciousness journey then. I just smiled at her and said nothing. The hustle was real, I liked her a lot and there was no point getting into that argument with her. There were even then of course gospel artistes that didn’t ‘blow’ and those were the ones singing directly for God. Read the rest on LindaIkejiMusic.comThis post first appeared on Linda Ikeji’s Blog. Read the original story here.
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