Chief Executive Matron of Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs hosts 500 AYEEN2016 beneficiaries tomorrow

500 entrepreneurs from the (Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Nigeria) AYEEN2016 program will be empowered tomorrow, an event which is hosted by Mrs Folorunso Alakija in a classy wine and dine ambience.This successful Nigerian entrepreneurs were chosen from different sectors and different regions across Nigeria. The program which started earlier this year with screening in 6 geo political zones in Nigeria was followed by a business audition conducted by international business experts.The program which has evolved into a reality program due to its richness in content and entertainment has been dubbed the world’s largest entrepreneurship reality TV show. It is set to empower thousands of Nigerians this year and in years to come maintaining a sustainable and consistent delivery of unique content. The record breaking reality program has million of audience and is set to attract more in 2017 airing in different countries across Africa.As the World’s Largest Entrepreneurship Reality Show, A.Y.E reality TV  does not follow the traditional knock out format of other reality shows rather it features the most dynamic, interesting and diverse entrepreneurs, juxtaposed by the intrigue and excitement of the CIA segment (Caught in the act.) an agent establishing the credibility, incredibility and fraudulence of businesses.All in all A.Y.E reality show serves a weekly TV menu of amazing ideas, startling facts, statistics and some interesting insights into the economics of Nigeria and Africa as a whole. What sets A.Y.E apart from other entrepreneurial reality shows is that it also caters for grass roots entrepreneurs like artisans and farmers. The show is a very rich mix of entertainment, edutainment and infotainment!The good news to applicants who didn’t make it this year is to remain focused and not discouraged but rather look out for the program next year. Everyone cannot be empowered at the same time with limited resources; as entrepreneurs we have to keep trying. The organisation has vowed to give free training to unsuccessful applicants to prepare them and their businesses for the program next year.The top notch dinner event tomorrow is set to attract dignitaries and business moguls. I am not allowed to give the venue as it is a strictly by invitation event (make some people no go gate crash lol) but trust me i will publish pictures of the event next week.Congratulations to all those who made it. I encourage you all to use the grant and support wisely. Big ups to Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs (A.Y.E) for their believe and investment in the lives of Nigerian youth.see below for short clips of the programA.Y.E judges speak about Nigerian Entrepreneurs:   Innovative business ideas: :  Young fashion designer: CIA agent, identifies fake businesses (CIA means “CAUGHT IN THE ACT” a segment in the program): Follow A.Y.E on twitter: @AYEorganisation . Facebook : Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs . Instagram : AfricasYoungEntrepreneurs  so as not to miss AYEEN2017 This post first appeared on Linda Ikeji’s Blog. Read the original story here.
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